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Shoji Screens

Shoji screens (pronounced “show-gee”) originated in Asia, but have become very popular in homes across the Western Hemisphere. At National Window Coverings we have created shoji screens that look identical to traditional Japanese shoji but have the added benefit of durable facings, hardwoods, and finishes, to ensure a lifetime of beautiful use. Shoji screens can be used for any application whether it's for shoji interior doors, freestanding shoji, lattice, shoji window coverings, shoji patio door coverings, shoji screen room dividers, shoji closet doors, shoji pocket doors, and more.


  • Shoji screens are timeless furnishings
  • Architecturally pleasing to the eye
  • Can transform and add value to any room
  • Your choice of hardwoods, facings, and custom grid patterns
  • Can provide privacy or divide a room
  • Defuse light and or add a focal point to any room