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Lutron Shading Solutions

Does the sun glaring in the room annoy you when you're trying to sleep? Yeah, us too. Thats why Lutron is our key provider when it comes to windows that need treatment. When you're not in control of the light, you are missing out on achieving your home's greatest beauty and efficiency in every room. Homes and workspaces are designed with windows that take advantage of natural sunlight, adding a comforting, refreshing quality to any room. 

Harmful U/V rays suck, that's why with Lutron Shading Solutions, you can easily control sunlight to prevent them from damaging expensive furnishings. Our shades also reduce glare that reflects off of a television or computer screen. With a simple touch of a button, you can automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat gain in a space, thereby lowering that enormous electric bill, and maintaining your privacy.

Lutron Shading Solutions include: roller shades, drapery track systems, skylight shades, and beautiful fabrics to enhance the decor of any space.

Roller Shades


Lutron roller shades offer soundless operation, uniform movement of multiple shades, minimal light gaps and convenient one-touch control from modernized keypads and accessible handheld remotes. We offers roller shades that are available to be controlled by our shading system technologies: Sivoia QED®, Sivoia® QS, or Sivoia QS Wireless.

Drapery Track Systems


Lutron drapery track systems can electronically pinch together, or ripplefold drapes to provide easy and stylish control of daylight. Simple operation and smooth transitions can make any boring room feel like a warm and inviting space. All Lutron drapery tracks can be controlled by either Sivoia QED®, Sivoia® QS, or Sivoia QS Wireless technologies.

The Lutron drapery track system offers you:

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Privacy with elegant draperies of any fabric and color
  • One-touch control of individual or groups of draperies, fully-open, fully- closed, or movement to preset positions
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sivoia QED roller and Roman Shades
  • Patented technology eliminates noise in tracks
  • Left-draw, right-draw, center-draw, tandem-draw systems available
  • Single or dual drapery tracks available
  • Straight and custom curved drapery tracks available
  • Manual open feature

At Lutron, we are always striving to change the game and stay ahead of the curve, that's why we have achieved an industry first. We have eliminated the "stack-back" that come along with owing drapes. Thanks to Kirbé Vertical Drapery, this innovative window treatment smoothly pulls the drapery up and completely out of the way at the touch of a button. By lifting the fabric, we eliminate the mass build up of fabric that remains when a traditional drapery is opened.

Roman & Woven Shades


Lutron now offers a broad line of exquisite woven wood treatments and soft fabrics that are specially designed to complement Lutron's Satin Colors, lighting controls, and accessories.

We have changed the way you think about Roman Shades by introducing CERUS (Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System) safety technology. This innovation creates safer Roman shades by utilizing uptake bands in place of exposed inner cords. Exposed cords can act as a hazard to small children. The new system also improves performance by allowing for smooth and soundless movement of the shade. CERUS is standard for all Lutron Roman and Woven wood shades.

Skylight Shades


The new tensioned shade from Lutron combines ultra-quiet Sivoia technology with a newly designed tension system. This patent-pending innovation keeps fabric taut and parallel to skylights and angled windows regardless of slope. Reduce glare and save energy by reducing heat gain while controlling daylight through angled, bottom-up, and skylight window applications.