National Window Coverings

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At National Window Coverings, we take our deck & patio awnings seriously. We create custom-built awnings to help you create the perfect solution for shading in your home. Whether you're looking to cut back on that energy bill, block the sun’s harmful UV rays, or cover your deck and enjoy the shade, our awnings have you covered from head to toe. NWC's full featured awnings are remote controllable, affordable, basic, and retractable, we have exactly what you're looking for. Providing on-demand solar protection, retractable awnings expand your home beyond its walls. With the touch of a button or spin of the crank, these awnings transform your deck, patio, or terrace, into an elegant and enjoyable expanded living space.


  • Durable heavy duty material that lasts for years
  • Patented tipping system
  • Allows extension for straight out or tilt down for a 55º pitch.
  • Adjustable retractable awnings
  • Affordable custom made awnings